Ocular Trauma


The Ocular Trauma Research Unit, composed of laboratory scientists and clinical researchers, utilizing state of the art equipment and techniques seeks to better comprehend, model, detect, and treat the full range of diseases and conditions that influences that ability of the warrior to see optimally and function on the modern battlefield, and that adversely influences their ability to return to duty after injury.

With a research lineage evolved from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research’s Ocular Hazard Division, we likewise continue to investigate non-ionizing directed energy bioeffects for force protection measures.


Within the USAISR, Ocular Trauma Research Division is dedicated to providing cutting edge research to improve the clinical outcomes of ocular injuries sustained fragmentary munitions and blast, and to improve the treatment of severe ocular surface diseases of patients in our burn center.


  1. Understand, and model of effects of the primary blast wave on ocular tissues utilizing the shock tube
  2. Develop more effective ocular bandage to protect the ocular surface after facial burns
  3. Research wound healing to reduce scarring of the ocular surface and maximize lid function
  4. Understand the tear profile of the eye in severe ocular surface injury and disease
  5. Developing rapid wound healing with reduced scarring utilizing crosslinking technology
  6. Utilizing state of the art techniques to develop stem cell therapies for vision restoration
  7. Understand the full range of non-ionizing directed energy bioeffects on the ocular system for force protection
  8. Develop and use current database technology to mitigate ocular injuries and improve treatment strategies