"Optimizing Combat Casualty Care"

Coagulation & Blood Research (C&BR)


Develop products and approaches to resuscitate combat casualties. Combat injuries cause major bleeding that is often worsened by exhaustion of the blood’s normal ability to clot. Blood products are vital to treating severely injured casualties, but lose function during processing, storage and transportation. We focus on understanding these complex problems and on finding ways to deliver safe and effective blood products to the battlefield.


To deliver novel approaches to blood product storage and treatment of coagulation disorders that:

  • Ensure an adequate supply of safe and effective blood products and cellular therapies to support the care of trauma patients in military operations around the globe
  • Enhance operational flexibility in remote and austere environments to support prolonged field care


  • Research Blood Bank
  • Coagulation and platelet analysis
  • Animal and Human Research and Model Development


  • Development of new ways to store platelets, the shortest-lived cellular components of blood that are critical to blood clotting
  • Development of dried blood plasma, which will permit resuscitation of wounded patients with vital coagulation proteins close to the point of injury where blood is usually unavailable
  • Development of blood pathogen reduction technologies
  • Development of battlefield blood collection and transfusion methods
  • Understanding changes in coagulation and platelet function in trauma patients
  • Develop cellular therapies to support resuscitation of critically injured patients and mitigate multiorgan failure
  • Support development of extracorporeal life support systems for use in trauma care by defining blood/device interactions and optimal anticoagulation protocols


  • • Freeze-dried plasma (universal blood type, pathogen-reduced)
  • • Improved protocols for whole blood collection, universal donor identification
  • • Clinical practice guidelines for the use of tranexamic acid, whole blood, and coagulation diagnostics (ROTEM)

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